by abbamoses

Taking the podvig of the holy fool — This man’s name is Dobre, a Bulgarian man living in abject poverty. He has donated over 20k euros to the Bulgarian Orthodox Church. Every day, he stands in the church and begs, but not for himself. All money given to him, he donates to the church. He is the biggest individual donor to the church in the past few decades. He walks several kilometers to and from the church each day. He is known as “The Righteous from Bajlo”.

This photo, along with the caption above, is re-posted from the Lessons from a Monastery blog. I tried to track the original source, but found that it’s a multi-generation re-post (to which I’m now adding another generation), and I gave up before finding the beginning of the chain.

Next time I’m tempted to think that this sort of unreserved faith is a thing of the past, or to hesitate when called on to give, I hope I’ll remember this modern-day fool-for-Christ and his podvig.

Note: €20,000 is about $25,000.