Spiritual wisdom, worldly wisdom

by abbamoses

Good order generates peace; peace gives birth to light in the soul; and peace makes the pure air in the mind radiant. The more a man’s heart draws near to wisdom, the more it receives joy from God.
This is how a man can distinguish spiritual wisdom from worldly wisdom: a man perceives in his soul that spiritual wisdom causes silence to reign within him, but worldly wisdom produces a fountain of distraction.
When you have discovered spiritual wisdom, you will be filled with much humility, gentleness and peace that holds sway over your thoughts; and as a result of this, your members will be at rest and be undisturbed by turmoil and wantonness.
When, however, you have become possessed of the second wisdom, you will acquire a proud mind, unspeakably perverted thoughts, a disturbed intellect, shamelessness and haughty senses.

A small but always persistent discipline is a great force; for a soft drop, falling persistently, hollows out hard rock.

— St. Isaac of Syria, Ascetical Homily #48 (emphasis added)