That Which is Bread

Why do you spend your money for that which is not bread, and your labor for that which does not satisfy? – Isaiah

Church in the clouds

I found this dream-like photo on Fr. Stephen Freeman’s fine blog, which gave no information about its source or where the church in the photo might be.

The photo stuck in my mind and prompted a somewhat obsessive online search that included discovery and use of a cool site called, which does reverse image searches: feed it an image, and it finds links to the image, or similar images, online.

Result: This is the Foros Church, officially the Church of Christ’s Resurrection, which sits atop a cliff overlooking the Black Sea, near Yalta in the Crimea. The church was commissioned by a wealthy merchant to give thanks to God for Tsar Alexander III’s survival of a train wreck in 1888, and was consecrated in 1892. Tsar Nicholas II and Tsaritsa Alexandra worshiped there on the tenth anniversary of the disaster.

So it’s not really a magical church floating in the clouds; you can go there if you like. If the fog is out, you’ll have a sweeping view of the Black Sea and its coastline. How many beautiful things the Church has given us!

Spiritual wisdom, worldly wisdom

Good order generates peace; peace gives birth to light in the soul; and peace makes the pure air in the mind radiant. The more a man’s heart draws near to wisdom, the more it receives joy from God.
This is how a man can distinguish spiritual wisdom from worldly wisdom: a man perceives in his soul that spiritual wisdom causes silence to reign within him, but worldly wisdom produces a fountain of distraction.
When you have discovered spiritual wisdom, you will be filled with much humility, gentleness and peace that holds sway over your thoughts; and as a result of this, your members will be at rest and be undisturbed by turmoil and wantonness.
When, however, you have become possessed of the second wisdom, you will acquire a proud mind, unspeakably perverted thoughts, a disturbed intellect, shamelessness and haughty senses.

A small but always persistent discipline is a great force; for a soft drop, falling persistently, hollows out hard rock.

— St. Isaac of Syria, Ascetical Homily #48 (emphasis added)