You ascended in glory…

by abbamoses

Coptic Icon of the Ascension

Not separated from the bosom of the Father,
O most sweet Jesus,
and having lived on earth as a man,
You were taken up in glory today from the Mount of Olives.
And having raised our fallen nature by Your compassion,
You seated it together with the Father.
Wherefore, the heavenly ranks of the Bodiless were amazed at the wonder
and stood in astonishment.
They were seized with trembling
and magnified Your love for mankind.
With them, we on earth also glorify Your condescension toward us,
and Your Ascension from us, entreating and saying:
O You Who by Your Ascension filled with infinite joy
the disciples and the Theotokos who bore You,
by their prayers deem us also worthy
of the joy of Your chosen ones, for Your great mercy’s sake.
— Sticheron, Great Vespers for Ascension

As You ascend to the Heavens, from which you also descended,
do not leave us orphaned, O Lord;
Let Your Spirit come, bringing peace to the world;
Show to the sons of men the works of Your might,
O man-befriending Lord.
— Litia verse, Great Vespers for Ascension