Proclamation, silence

by abbamoses

What is required is the boldness, the daringness of faith. This happened to the myrrh-bearing women. With an overflowing love of their Teacher, what could they do? They took myrrh to anoint their Teacher Who had died. And so the result was that they experienced the myrrh of the Resurrection — they bore the myrrh which overcomes death. The angel told them, “The Lord is risen; go tell the disciples and Peter.” Coming out of the tomb they said nothing to anyone for they were afraid.

Saying that they said nothing to anyone means that they said everything to everyone. Saying that they were afraid means that they did not in any way want to give a false expression of what they had seen or experienced.

For he who accepts this experience of the Resurrection does not speak, and yet he is speaking continuously, through his words and his silence.

— Archimandrite Vasileios of Iveron Monastery

This is from “Everything is Prayer”, a talk by Elder Vasileios, reprinted in issue 279 of The Orthodox Word, published by St Herman of Alaska Monastery.